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Compensation/Growth Within Dispatch Ranks

Salaries for Aircraft Dispatchers vary depending on years of service, the type of carrier with whom you may be employed, and whether or not your work group has a collective bargaining agreement.

Express carrier average $40,000 for new-hires and typically top out around $60,000 annually. Major carrier salaries average approximately $60,000 for new-hires and top out around $150,000 annually. Both Express and Major carriers offer Aircraft Dispatchers opportunities to branch out within their offices and accept training on “Specially Qualified” desks. These specialized positions often have overrides that can push a Dispatcher’s salary even higher.

Most positions in the industry are seniority based and involve shift work. Prospective new-hires can expect to work all shifts, including midnights and holidays until their seniority affords them the ability to work the shifts of their choosing.

Hiring practices among air carriers is varied and often depends on the industry demand. Express carriers are often the launching point for most prospects looking to gain experience fresh out of school. Typically, major airlines prefer to hire from within their ranks and also demand applicants have substantial experience to be considered for positions as Dispatchers. 

Graduates from 
Dispatch Schools will find a robust job market, but realistically should not expect to be hired off the street by a major carrier with little or no experience. Most majors regard their Dispatch positions as senior management level positions and require candidates with considerable experience. Prospects seeking employment with a major carrier can safely assume a minimum 3-5 years of experience as a Dispatcher exercising Operational Control will be required for them to be considered for employment.