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Courtney Schaaf  – United Airlines


I got into dispatching on a round about way. Originally I wanted to work for NASA and having a wonderful Grandfather he pushed me to be the best I could. I tried for the Air Force Academy and even though I had a congressional nomination in hand I could not pass the fitness test (I was not very athletic when I was in high school) so off I went to Middle Tennessee State University. My original concentration was Professional Pilot but after a few classes I realized that I enjoyed building flight plans and preparing for the flight more than the act of flying itself so I switched concentrations to Dispatch. While in college I interned at DCI Logistics- a company in Tennessee that helps set up blood and organ donations. We would get calls to send pilots/flights to get blood tested to see who the recipients would be and occasionally would set up transportation for liver and kidneys. After college I got a job working with Southwest Airlines at the BNA ramp. I was only out there a few months but it was one of the most fun experiences I have had in my aviation career.

I then got a job at Republic Airways (originally working for Chautauqua Airlines before it closed) where I eventually moved to the Coordinator position. After working at Republic for a few years I got the call to work for United Airlines. I have been at United for 6 years now. I previously served on the workload committee and am a shift rep for PAFCA. I obtained my South America qualification in February of 2020 and recently became signed off as an Operations Manager. 

I enjoy the different challenges aviation brings and the variety of solutions that can happen to solve the problems. 

Outside of work my big hobby is running. I’m currently very active in my run club (South Loop Runners- you can find us on IG). I am also currently training for the Chicago Marathon again-having to defer from last year after getting injured by a car. I had a hip replacement in 2019 and am hoping it can get me across all world majors (Chicago, NYC, Boston, Tokyo, London, and Berlin). 

I also have 2 chubby cats Apollo and Jamie which will be 12 this year. 
I also enjoy concerts, reading, going to fun restaurants, and (once training season is over) a nice dirty martini. 


Please congratulate the following recipients of the ADF 2022 Scholarships:

A big thank you too IFOD, Jeppesen, North American Dispatch, and TAS dispatch schools for making these possible.

Lauren Votaw- Curley - Institute of Flight Operations (IFOD)

)lauren curley adf

Lauren Votaw - Curley is an Oklahoma born transplant to remote Alaska. In the Susitna River valley at the base of Denali, Lauren works as a flight follower for a flight seeing and remote charter company, K2 Aviation. As a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Lauren has had a unique journey before finding aviation including working with non profits and recruiting. Lauren and her husband Mitchell found themselves called to Alaska during the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic and made the move to pursue a new dream of exploring Denali and the Alaskan wilderness. It was here that Lauren had change in course for careers paths, and found a deep passion for aviation. Lauren understands and appreciates there is a beauty in the balance of adventure but also the structure of a thoughtful, well made flight plan. Lauren is ecstatic to receive the IFOD scholarship for 2022 and is planning on completing the in person course before the end of the year.


Rachael Strauss - Jeppesen Scholarship

Rachel Strauss

I have a bachelor of science degree from Illinois State University. In my free time I enjoy traveling. I am currently working for United Airlines as a Field Operations Supervisor.

Jason Wickham - North American Dispatch Scholarship

Rachel Misner - Technical Aviation Services (TAS) Scholarship


case bergan

This is the story of Case Bergam a twelve year Flight Superintenent at Delta Air Lines:  

Case Bergman began his career with Delta Airlines on 4/22/81 in Cabin Service at JFK as a part time job while attending Nassau Community College on Long Island. In 1985, Case accepted a full-time position with Delta on the ramp at DFW airport. He loved his time in Dallas as he was promoted to Supervisor on the ramp and did load planning until 1995 at which time he moved to Atlanta to a position in Crew Scheduling. From there he moved into a position in Crew Tracking and then to his dream job in Flight Control with his classmates in the class of 2010. Case was a hard worker and always felt honored to work for Delta. He rarely said no to overtime, he was an excellent floor leader and a resident expert in Fusion. He always looked forward to his days in the OCC with his beloved coworkers who became his treasured friends.

Case was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Brain cancer in October of 2020. After recovering from craniotomy surgery, he returned to his beloved Delta and worked through radiation and chemotherapy until the tumor reoccurred in July of 2021. Case hoped to return to work but was unable to due to disease progression. Case lost his hard fought and courageous battle with Brain cancer on 4/24/22.

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