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ADF has dedicated March 7 - March 13 #ADFwomeninaviation week

Throughout the week we will be spotlighting various ADF #women in #aviation members, and sharing their stories.
Keep checking back throughout the week for our updated memners

Monday March 8:

Catherine Jackson:  ADF President: Dispatcher - Southwest Airlines

Catherine Jackson

Courtney Schaaf: Dispatcher - United Airlines


Linda Leach - Dispatcher Endeavor Air

Linda Leach
Tuesday March 9:

Alyssa Kugler - Southwest Airlines

Alyssa Kugler

Jordan Gunn - Republic Airways

Jordan Gunn

Danielle Schwartz - Allegiant Air

Danielle Schwartz
Wednesday March 10:

Keri Bowland - United Airlines

Kerri Bowland

Valarie Dietrich - Southwest Airlines

Valerie Dietrich
Theresa Smith  - United Airlines

Theresa Smith

Thursday March 11:

Whitney Dix - Southwest Airlines
Whitney Dix

Jenna Harper - United Airlines

Jenna Harpe

Debbie Kowalewski - United Airlines

Debbie Kowalewski====================================================================================================================
Friday March 12

Jamie Durward Carrier - United Airlines
Jamie Durward Carrier

Andrea Payne - Southwest Airlines

Andrea Payne

Sevda Tantan - Turkish Airlines

Sevda Tantan

Saturday March 13

Megan Bicking - Southern Air / Atlas Air
Megan Bicking

Jenn Shinn - Southwest Airlines

Jenn Shinn
Natalie Wyczesany - United Airlines

Natalie Wyczesany
Sunday March 14

Michelle Betcher - Delta Airlines
Michelle Betcher
Pamela Rolon - United Airlines

Pamela Rolon====================================================================================================================

Please congratulate the following recipients of the ADF 2020 Scholarships:

A big thank you too Jeppesen, IFOD and TAS dispatch schools for making these possible. 

Brittany Moore
Brittany Moree– Jeppesen Scholarship

Brittany has a bachelor of science from the University of North Dakota.  She has both a private pilot’s license, and a remote pilot license.

Manuela CortesManuela Cortes – TAS Scholarship

Manuela has a bachelor of science in Aviation Management from Florida Institute of Technology.  She has her commercial license with complex endorsement, and is also multi engine rated. 

Rebecca Spears
Rebecca Spears - IFOD Scholarship
Rebecca has a bachelor of science with an emphasis of Aviation Safety from the University of Central Missouri 
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