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VOR Quiz

November 2012 VOR Trivia Quiz 

This month's quiz is dedicated to Victor Young, who has contributed much to this page over the last few years. Victor passed away in mid October, and will be missed by his family and friends.

Contest submitted by: Phil Brooks

photo by: Warren Andrews

clues by: Phil Brooks and Victor Young


  Nov 12 1



Nov 12 2

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  1. This Navaid is named after a river in the area.

  2. A man once nearly drowned crossing this river.  He later became U.S. President.

  3. Its identifier is the same as the nearby airport's, but it is not located on that airport.  It is not an airline served airport, but is very busy with corporate aviation.

  4. The name is the same as a U.S. airline which operated in the same region, but is now known by another name.

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This month's winners:

Walter Wilson -

Peter Crawford -
Ed Pataky -
Dale Gentry - Compass Airlines
Jonathan Lebowitz - Student
Kenneth Dechmerowski - Southwest Airlines
Timothy Smith - AirTran Airways
Tony Carr -
Chris Dau - Aloha Air Cargo
Rob Matthews - Republic Airlines