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July 2015 VOR Quiz

July 2015 VOR Quiz
Submitted by: Phil Brooks
July 2015 VOR

This navaid is named after a law enforcement agency.

Its identifier is a derogatory slang term.

The town where it is located has an airplane on its logo.

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ANSWER: (FUZ) Ranger

This month's winners:

 Drew Bailey
Bob Jarvis - ExpressJet
Laura Laster
Harlan Whittington - Delta
Bob Nursey - Southwest
Dale Gentry - Southwest
Timothy Smith - Southwest
James Dees - UPS
Darell Gordon
Paul Prizzi
Chris Robbins
Addam Gutterman
Terry Brodin
Scott Heng - Trans States
Brian Brown
Earnest Banks
Arthur Atchison
Walter Wilson
Sara Szabala
John Baker
Erin Wehrman - Delta