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June 2015 VOR Quiz
June 2015 VOR Trivia Quiz
Contest submitted By: Phil Brooks
Photo submitted by: Frank Holbert
June 2015


      • This navaid is on an island.  A romantic one.  
      • The mainland is approximately 26 miles away.
      • In the past, you could have found chewing gum and young bears on this island.

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Answer: Santa Catalina (SXC) 

This Month's Winners
Walter Wilson
David Birkley - Keystone Aviation
Robert Matthews - Republic Airlines
Brian Brown - SWA
Mark Monse - SWA
Jonathon Voissem - SWA
Derek Ashworth - United Airlines
Tim Smith - SWA
Bob Jarvis - ExpressJet 
David Schmelzer - Aviation Dispatch Institute
Mike Kelly - United Airlines
Nancy Zeglen - United Airlines
John Castleberry - Allegiant Airlines
Sara Szabala - Piedmont Airlines
Adam Gutterman
Ed McCoy - United Airlines 

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