Airline Dispatchers Federation.
Representing the professional interests of the Aircraft Dispatcher.
  • This navaid is located in the United States, on land managed by a group,
    rather than by the state in which it is located.  It’s named after that group.  
  • It’s located near a town of the same name, but that town is in a different state.
  • The nearest airport, in an adjoining town, has the same identifier as the navaid.
  • If you went to the town where that airport is located, six decades ago,you could have had a Bad Day.

                                                   ANSWER: ZUNI (ZUN)

Photo by Hiroshi Ando

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This Month's Winners:
Dale Gentry - Southwest
Ed Pataky
Adam Gutterman
Warren Andrews
Mark Christopher - Air Canada Jazz
Arthur Carson
Laura Laster
Trevor Fuhriman - Empire Airlines
Adam Schweber - Empire Airlines
Brian Brown - Southwest
Steven Mercer - Empire Airlines