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This VOR (visible just above the nose of the aircraft) is in the United States, and is named after the nearby city. 

The local airport (five miles away from the navaid) is served by a Regional Airline, and shares the same identifier.

The City was named after the abundant local trees, but the founders mis-identified the trees; they were actually Junipers.

Answer: Cedar City (CDC)

photo by Dave Birkley

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This month's winners:
1.  Mark Monse SWA, retired
2.  Adam Schweber  Empire Airlines
3.  Dale Gentry  SWA
4. Art Carson   Miami-Dade College School of Aviation
5.  Timothy Smith SWA
6.  Adam Gutterman
7.  Rob Matthews  Republic Airlines
8.  Ryan Bermel
9.  Stephanie A. Lopez  Expressjet