Airline Dispatchers Federation.
Representing the professional interests of the Aircraft Dispatcher.
This navaid is at a major U.S. airport.
The airport, when it was privately owned, was named after a 19th century battle, in another state.  It's now named after a politician.

There used to be another VOR two states away by the same name, but the odds are that it was changed to avoid confusion.

photo by Jake Zelman

dec 2017 VOR
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This month's winners:

1. Doug Lotter - United Airlines  
2. Ryan Parry
3.Brady Castleberry - Allegiant Airlines
4. Dale Gentry - Southwest Airlines
5. Derek Ashworth - United Airlines
6. Mark Monse - Southwest Airlines (retired)
7. Kenneth Dechmerowski - National Airlines

Answer- scroll down (by request)

LAS VOR (Las Vegas)