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This navaid is not in the United States. 

It's been decommisioned and replaced with another VOR at a new airport for the city.

That city, a beach destination, is located at the south end of a small cone-shaped country.

The pictured VOR, 3.3 miles north of the old airport, was named after a nearby settlement, the spelling of which is one letter different than the city's.  That had to have caused confusion!

The convenient, but space-constrained former city-center airport was closed, and a VOR was commissioned at the new airport, which is located well to the north of the city.  That navaid is named for the city, but has a different identifier than the airport.

There's another VOR about two miles to the southeast of this one, at another airport, in the adjacent country. 

Challenging airspace!

Photo by Doug Bernat

DEC 21

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James Hanson - Cape Air
Dale Gentry - Southwest Airlines
Adam Schweber - United Airlines

This was a hard one!  Page down for the answer.

The correct answer is Eilot (LOT), near Eilat, Israel.