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This Navaid is in a suburb of a large U.S. city, which is a former airline hub. 

It's along a major east-west Jet Airway.

It's named after the nearby small city, which is the county seat, and the county's name sounds like an old time car horn.

That city is named after the middle name of a person whose last name is the same as the photographer.

A Cook who marketed a type of canned food (its brand name is a simplified version of his name) is buried there.  Coincidentally, the production facility for his product is located on the same Airway, about 200 miles to the east, on an arrival to a major airport.
Photo by Christopher Brooks

June 2022

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Adam Schweber - United Airlines
Dale Gentry - Southwest Airlines
Marvin Hood - United Airlines
Kenneth Dechmerowski - National Airlines
Mark Nashed - National Airlines
Curley Bryant - Southwest Airlines
Ed McCoy - Eastern Airlines
Patrick Malejana - United Airlines
Michael Vane
Mary Nixon - Horizon Air

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The answer is Chardon (CXR), Ohio, on J146. It's in Geauga County, near Cleveland, and is the final resting place for Chef Boyardee!  Chardon is named for Peter Chardon Brooks, and I'd like to thank my nephew Christopher for taking this photo!