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This Navaid is in the United States.  

There are two VORs with this name, and they are two states apart.

It's named after the nearby small city, and is 3.1 nautical miles north of that city's general aviation airport.
Oddly, this VOR's identifier 
coincides with the city's name, but the airport has a seemingly random three letter code, 
which was assigned around 2000.  

It is on an arrival for a large air carrier airport, 65 miles to the southeast. 
 Well, it was.  Now it's one of those darn waypoints on an RNAV arrival!

There was a midair collision nearby between a jet airliner (which had passed over the VOR) and a
general aviation aircraft decades ago, that resulted in the loss of all on board both aircraft.  

There is a National Guard helicopter base on the field, and a casino with a horse racing track nearby.

June 2024

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the answer is Shelbyville, Indiana (SHB)
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