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This month's navaid is in a suburb of a large city in the United States, which hosts a major airline hub.
Its name is an animal, native to the area, which is a mascot for a local school's athletic teams.
Six jet routes converge on this High Altitude VORTAC. 
MAR 2023

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Tucker Sullivan - Everts Air Cargo
Craig Symons - United Airlines
Ed McCoy - United AIrlines
Alexander Johnson - Southwest Airlines
Daniel Dziedzic - United AIrlines
RIchard L. Fellie - Air Transport International
John Barry
Ed Pataky - PSA Airlines
Dale Gentry - Southwest Airlines
Marvin B. Hood - United Airlines
Kenneth Dechmerowski - FAA Safety Inspector

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the answer is Gopher (GEP), in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.
Thanks for Joseph Wolf for the great photo!