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This navaid is located in the United States.  
It's named after the nearby town.  The name itself is a bit of misnomer, as it's pretty flat there.  But it IS one of the highest points in the state!
Two jet routes approach it from the west, one continues to the east, and that one stops 28nm later at a waypoint.  It just stops!  I hate to see that.  Airspace redesign.
To the south is some extremely busy training airspace.
Its location in the state is that of a component of a kitchen implement.
Photo by Charlie Pyles

May 2022

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Ed McCoy - Eastern Airlines (in seven minutes!)
Michael Vane - Republic Airways
Marvin Hood - United Airlines
Tom Norwood
Kenneth Dechmerowski - National Airlines
Ed Pataky
Dale Gentry - Southwest AIrlines
Patrick Malejana - United Airlines
Adam Schweber - United Airlines
Dan Dziedzic - United Airlines

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The answer is:  Crestview (CEW), in the Florida Panhandle.  Thanks for participating!