Airline Dispatchers Federation.
Representing the professional interests of the Aircraft Dispatcher.
This Navaid is located within the United States, at an airport serving that state's capital, 
which has no airline service. 
It's the name of an Arrival Procedure to the nearby large international airport,
and is located just outside that airport's Class B airspace.
A product from here, using the highly regarded water supply, helped Dustin Hoffman “Graduate”

This quiz is dedicated to the memory of William "Guido" Hyler,
FAA Airways Facilities electronics technician, US Navy Veteran and a "VOR Mentor" to Phil Brooks

May 2023

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correct answers:

Ed McCoy - United Airlines
Darryl Flora- Endeavor Air
John Barry
Ethan St. Martin - United Airlines
Marvin Hood - United Airlines
Tom Norwood
Michael Vane
Dale Gentry - Southwest Airlines
Charles Cotton - Southwest Airlines
Dan Dziedzic- United Airlines
Jacqui Geraci - Delta Air Lines