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This navaid was downgraded from a VORTAC to a DME, but retained its name and identifier. 

It's near a regional airport by the same name, with the same identifier.  There is currently no airline service there.

The city is famous for an automobile assembly plant.

It's named after a park in New York City.

This photo was taken by a Dispatcher, who lives very close!  
November 2020

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This months winners:

Jim Hanson - Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines
Dale Gentry - Southwest Airlines
Mark Nashed - National Airlines
Kenneth Dechmerowski - National Airlines
Joe Chamberlain - UPS Airlines
Timothy Smith - Southwest Airlines
Ed Pataky
David Sigel - UPS Airlines
Adam Schweber - United Airlines

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the answer is Bowling Green (BWG), Kentucky

Photo by Marvin Hood