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This navaid shares the name of the nearby small town, and the name and identifier of its general aviation airport.

The town, which is in a sparsely populated area of the U.S., was named after a local rancher and politician, who is named after a lover of horses, but was actually a fan of the buffalo.

The county where it is located is named after a Norwegian King.

Passing through the town is a lousy body of water, but the sun kisses the earth here, allegedly.

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Photo by: Nancy Zeglen

oct 2016 VOR

This month's winners:
1. Dale Gentry - SWA
2.  Arthur Carson
3.  Adam Gutterman 
4.  Mark Monse - SWA Retired  
5. Steven Mercer - Empire Airlines
6.  Josh  Gelernter - Sunwing 
7.  Adam Schweber - Empire Airlines