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This month’s navaid is actually a decommissioned VOR.  

Like some others in the United States that have met the same fate, it is still in use for its DME function,
with the same name and frequency that it had in its VOR days.

It’s located at an airport which had airline service into the 1960s.  

It also is the site of a collision of an airliner and a General Aviation aircraft, where a
Dispatcher in the jumpseat of the airliner saw the other aircraft and alerted his crew to it,
possibly averting an even worse accident.  

It’s not far from the highest point in the state.  

Some of the first jazz music recordings were made in this city.
This former VOR is named after the airport and city, but it also shares its name with another,
much bigger city’s VOR, which is also located at airport, and named after that city.  

And there is only one letter difference in the identifier!

October 20

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Dale Gentry - Southwest Airlines
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Jim Hanson - Cape Air
Ed Pataky
Kenneth Dechmerowski - National Airlines
David Sigel - UPS Airlines
Joe Chamberlain - UPS Airlines

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Richmond, Indiana (RID) DME.

Here's the link for the accident mentioned.  The Lake Central Airlines Relief Dispatcher was the late Thomas Cotter.