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This month's navaid is at a Regional airport in the United States, which also houses an Air National Guard fighter wing.  The city's name honors a Revolutionary War U.S. Army Officer and Statesman, who earned a nickname that one could say questioned his sanity.  It was founded as an Army post at the confluence of three rivers.
The airport has been (but is no longer) an air cargo hub, and now is a maintenance base for a Regional Airline.
Photo by Irving Washington, Jr

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This month's winners:
1. Adam Gutterman
2.  Dale Gentry - Southwest Airlines
3.  Dave Birkley
4. Ed Pataky
5. Adam Schweber - Empire Airlines
6. Trevor Fuhriman - Empire Airlines
7.  Steven Mercer - Empire Airlines

ANSWER- scroll down (by request)

FWA (Ft. Wayne, Indiana)